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Mobile Cloud Tech For GamingIf you have upgraded to a new mobile iPhone, the next thing you might want consider doing would be transferring your data and games from your old iPhone to your newly upgraded one. This data transfer will include your contacts, multimedia, calendar, and all other files which were stored in your old iPhone. There are two options users can choose. You can either use iCloud or iTunes. Both applications will help transfer your data and games effortlessly.

In order for the process to be easy and quick, you should make sure you have restored your data on your new iPhone first before using the new handset. However, if you have already activated your new device, you can still reverse the process. Go to the Settings tab, choose General, select Reset, and then Erase All Content and Settings. This step will allow you to restore your new iPhone to the original factory settings and will erase all the settings and content you have on your new iPhone.

Transferring Data through iCloud

If your old iPhone runs on iOS 5 and later versions and you have been using iCloud to back up your files, then this step will require a little effort on your part.

In your old iPhone, select Settings and go to iCloud.

Select Storage and Backup.

Once the backup process is complete, turn on your new iPhone and wait for the welcome screen to appear. Use the slider located in the bottom to start the set up.

Select the language from the preferences.

Select your country or region.

Connect to your wireless network to start the transfer. However, if there is no Wi-Fi available, select Use Cellular. Take note this option will limit your transfer from your iCloud backup since other data are only accessible with an internet connection.

Go to Location Services. Read the description of Location Services prior to changing the settings to default. There are some applications such as Maps which require location services for the app to function properly.

Once you chose the option for Location services, select Restore from iCloud backup.

Enter the required information for your credentials.

Select Agree to the Terms and Conditions and verify.

The iCloud backup data which you have stored will be displayed on your screen. Select the name of the backup you want to restore.

Enter your Apple ID and password.

Wait for the backup process to complete. This process will vary depending on the amount of data you will be transferring. Most apps will require Wi-Fi so you can completely restore them. In case you have gone out of the Wi-Fi range, the restoration will continue once you are able to pick-up a Wi-Fi signal again.

Transferring Data through iTunes

If you have been keeping your backup files through iTunes, you have to make sure iTunes is the most current version

Connect your old iPhone to your computer with the use of a USB cable.

Open iTunes and go to the Files menu. Select Devices> Backup and click Backup Now. Once you have verified the backup, you can disconnect your old phone from iTunes.

Turn on your new iPhone and wait for the welcome screen to appear. Use the slider located in the bottom to start the set up.

Select the language from the preferences.

Select your country or region. Complete the setup process.

Once you are directed to the Set Up iPhone screen, select Restore from iTunes Backup. Select the backup from your old iPhone you prefer to restore. Click Continue.

Your backup data will be restored. Make sure the process has been completed before you start using your new iPhone.

You can keep track of synced data through the syncing tab in iTunes.

You are now ready to start mobile gaming again on your iPhone